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Woofer built in hotel pepper Skydive AZ Twin Otter cbt36 w dayton sub line array film reel

Still... So many speaker projects, so little time! Or space or tools or...

Updated 3-30-2019: Since Nov 1, 2012 I have lived in upstate NY and in Taiwan. I moved back to TX in mid 2017 but not back into my house with the home theater. It was still under lease and in 2018 the tenant bought it. So I don't really have a theater at the moment but I'm hoping to eventually build one into a very large metal building I have just outside Burnet TX, I will post progress if and when that project ever gets started. In the meant time, I have my 2-ch system using the AMT Pro4, 8" full range Tang Band, and 12" MCM woofers. It's not bad!