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DSP crossover EQ for car audio

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Lineaum tweeter replaces ESS Motion Transformer!


The dipole system planned for the ESS Motion Transformer and Tang Band 8" full range driver has been up and playing since mid December 2014. Unfortunately the motion transformers were not yet secured to the top of the speakers and one fell basically breaking in half. Because Parts Express was out of these I temporarily installed Lineaum tweeters but this is no longer temporary. Once the crossover was optimized and increased from 1500 Hz to 2200 Hz I concluded the Lineaum might be a better solution.

(Read more.)

A visit to the Usher Audio Store in Hsinchu, Taiwan


I've long been a fan of Usher Audio, I believe it's one of the best values available at least as far as commercially built speaker systems go. If I didn't build my own, Usher would be at the top of my list to buy.

More here.

Planning a new 3-way dipole utilizing the ESS Heil Air Motion Transformer

3/15/2014 update

The drivers have arrived and have been tested. Both the Heil Motion Transformer and the Tang Band W8 1808 are excellent drivers with low distortion. Both consistently maintain the 3rd harmonic lower than the 2nd which will make both these drivers very smooth and not at all harsh. I think this is going to be a great system once it's done! Read more.


I'm currently putting together a Parts Express order that includes a pair of Air Motion Transformers. The plan is to build a 3-way dipole probably with an 8" mid-bass driver plus the motion transformer along with some sort of dipole woofer system. The woofer system will possibly be based on a panel system similar to the huge IB system I plan to eventually install in my home theatre"

2013 Honda Civic Stereo Install

Posted: 2/24/2014

In early October, 2013 I bought a new Honda Civic. Of course the factory stereo was totally unacceptable! read more

Upgrading the Ford F150 stereo

This 2005 F150 already had an after market Kenwood radio, cheap after market 6x8 coax speakers and a single 6.5" Tang Band sub driven by an external amplifier. The door speakers were all driven by the amplifiers built into the Kenwood deck"

The plan was to add a compact 4-ch Alpine amplifier mounted in the dash to drive to door speakers and possibly look for slightly better coax speakers. What resulted in the end however was a different story... read more

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