Vifa mg xt monitor

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Vifa MG18WK09-08 7" shielded mid-bass and XT25TG30-04 shileded tweeter.

The idea here was basically to see how much I could get away with on making the thing small. Qtc is a about 1.24 and Fc is about 105 hz. They aren't very pleasing to listen to stand alone! They are very much intended for use with a subwoofer and an active filter. Since most HT receivers these days have the "small speaker" active crossover built in, this isn't really a problem. Filtering them at about 100 Hz and using a sub works really well. They would definitely be better if the box were larger however. So many people these days want small however so I thought it would be fun to see how something like this would turn out. The 1" MDF along with the .75" MDF sides topped with an additional .5" or so of Cherry have very little cabinet resonance. Overall, with the active cross-over and the DPL-12 subwoofer, these could make a really nice little HT system. I'm planning to eventually hang them from the ceiling and use them for side surrounds. The details of the cross-over are back home on the LspCad system so I'll have to post this information later.