Sealed Box Subwoofer

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This system was designed with a specific space in mind. It needed to be narrow but tall was ok. It uses two Peerless HDS205 woofers (PE#297-646) and the 120 watt plate amplifier (PE# 300-792). I got it up and playing just before leaving on this trip to Taiwan but have not done any measurements. The amp has some bass boost around 35 hz and by just listening I don't think I'm going to need to do any thing else. If I get some time when I get home I'll measure and see if they need any correction. These are to be part of an X-mas gift for my sister along with the Outlaw Audio 1050 AV Receiver and compact bookshelf mains using the Vifa XT line drivers. This system will now be late due to my travels but I will get it done and delivered eventually.