Floor Standing Subwoofer

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Well, it's not really a D-III but it's somewhat similar and it does use the same drivers. I built these for a friend to use as rear surrounds in his Home Theatre system and they do the job really well. Audio Artistry Beethoven main panels along with open baffle woofers each with two Titanic MKII 12" drivers serve as the main right and left. This is very much like the D-III although the internal volume may be slightly larger. It has been internally damped with "Great Stuff" which takes up some space. This is a spray on foam you can get at Home Depot or any similar location. It works great but don't get it on your hands! You will regret it! Also, play with it first so you will see how much it expands. There are two versions one expands a lot and the other doesn't. I used the one that really expands so it doesn't take very much.

I wanted to try the Dayton 6.5" (PE# 295-305) and this was a good excuse to do it. It's really a nice little driver especially for the money! For a really low cost system it's hard to beat.

I had seen a lot about the D-III on the PE forum and decided to order some of the little Dayton drivers along with an assortment of other 6 and 7 inch drivers. I was expecting to find good cause to spend just a few dollars more in some of the other drivers in my distortion measurement data. I figured I could then argue this on the forum stating that after going to the effort to build nice cabinets that an extra ten, twenty or more dollars each driver would be worth it. My data did not support this however. There are better drivers but you have to spend quite a bit more to do enough better to make it worth it.

If you want something better and don't mind paying more, I've found the Vifa PL18WO-09 (PE# 297-324) to be a great choice. The extra money here is quite a bit but would be well spent if you want a top performer. The Scanspeak D2905-9300 (PE# 276-508) would work very well with these but recently I've found the Vifa DX25TG05 to also work very well especially for the money.