Dipole PA System

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Based on Siegfried's "Phoenix" this is an open baffle pro-audio system using Eminence drivers. The main panels consist of two 10" drivers and a horn. The open baffle sub-woofers use two 18" drivers in each baffle. We used this system at the Free Fall Convention in 2001 and they sounded amazing! The room I have them in at home is way too small but outdoors under a tent these really rocked! The Dayton drivers in the photo ended up not being used. The Eminence Kappa Pro-10 (PE# 290-426) proved to be a much better driver. The SST1 horn (PE# 290-556) is coupled with the PSD2002 compression driver (PE# 290-442) for above 1.4khz.

At the Convention, we used the system for Tammy's Free Style Skydiving seminar as a PA system. Feedback didn't seem to be an issue since she was standing between the speakers in the dipole null. In fact, you can really hear the effect of the dipole in an outdoor environment. Standing between the speakers there was almost no bass at all! As soon as you move forward or backwards out of the null all the bass comes in.

We played various selections of music before and after the seminar. Dipoles just have a clarity other systems can't match. I've never heard any other pro-audio speaker sound anything close to the way these do. We played a track from, The Digital Domain of a jet fly by and had a number of people running out from under the tent to look for the jet:-) You see, the jet is a big deal at the WFFC. Since 1992 we've had a B727 to jump out of but for the last three conventions now one thing or another has prevented us from having it. Insurance problems, FAA (Fed's Against Avaition) or other issues have prevented it...so, it was a cruel joke but we all got a laugh out of it;-)