Speakers built in a Taiwan Hotel Room

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You haven't built speakers until you have done it in a hotel room!

The bookshelf speaker in the photo was built entirely in the hotel room in Taiwan. In this photo its now being used as a work bench for building a dipole sub-woofer. It made a lot of noise and saw dust! I don't recommend doing this, the garage is a much better place to work but if you don't have a garage you can make do! If I can do it in a hotel you can find a place to do it too! I didn't exactly have the best tools. I had a jig saw, a drill and one of those grinders. Other than that it was a few hand tools. The grinder really made a nice dust cloud in the room so I finally did start taking it out behind the hotel to do the grinding. I was staying in Taiwan for a year at the time so I kept this room even while I was away in China, Japan, Singapore etc. It was a really small place called the Berkeley hotel and the people there were really friendly. I think they really got a kick out of seeing me coming in through the lobby carrying all sorts of building materials and then hearing the saw and grinder starting up in the room.

Unfortunately the Berkeley has really gone down hill these days and I no longer stay there on my trips to Taiwan. None of the people I knew are there any more and the place is almost deserted. Too bad, it was a fun place!

The materials were not the best either. It was 10 mm thick so I used two layers plus used a lot of internal bracing. The drivers are Vifa but I do not have the model information with me on this trip. Just some of the cheap Vifa stuff. The Floor Standing D-III system beats this system.

The system is vented out the rear with a 2" PVC pipe.

The reddish brown color on the carpet under the stand is from the stain...yeap, I spilled some!