Quick and dirty surround speakers

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It doesn't get much simpler than this. Just some 4" PVC pipe with some couplers and 4" to 6" adapters. The drivers are Dayton Audio DA175-8 7" Aluminum Cone Woofers You can literally build these in a matter of minutes. Just put together the PVC, it’s not glued, it’s just stuck together and the drivers are wired up and dropped in place. There are no crossovers, no tweeters, just the 7” drivers and that’s it. Are they great? Well no but they are not that bad. Most of the nasty behavior of the aluminum cone is not in the off axis so if you just need something quick and dirty for surround these do work. I do plan to eventually upgrade these to include crossovers and tweeters but for now they do just fine. In an apartment I’m pretty limited on movie watching anyway so it’s not like I can be cranking it up. Once I upgrade these I’ll update this project with the details.