Room Layout

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The 10' ceiling room is 19' x 27' from the wall behind the screen to the wall behind the rear seats and 30' to the entry doors. It is surrounded on three sides by very large attic spaces making it easy for routing cables etc and elimination of sound transfer to the outside. The first seating row is raised 6" and each row after is raised 11". The seats are Berkline 13174 electric recliners from Ultimate Home Entertainment. If you are looking for theatre seats talk to Roman at Ultimate Home Entertainment he will take care of you! These seats are amazingly comfortable!

In the original plan I envisioned a dark “Theatre Red” color scheme. Unfortunately the colors chosen based on the little color cards at Home Depot just didn’t work out. It’s important to put some thought into your color scheme, make sure the colors you choose are going to come out the way you envision! After the color disaster of the original paint I concluded something more neutral and conservative would make more sense. I have retained the dark red side curtains because they actually don’t look too bad. The center speaker below the screen and the gap above the screen are all black grill cloth.

The current color scheme is a medium gray “River Rock” by Ralph Lauren. This paint includes a texture which helps it to diffract light so it's much less reflective than the original puke pink that was on the walls previously. River Rock was not available in flat black unfortunately but ordinary flat black seems flat enough and there is very little reflection from the ceiling. I believe there are paint additives that could be used to attain a similar texture as River Rock which would make an improvement on the ceiling. Below the chair rail I just put a very dark blue also very flat but again not River Rock. Still it has no reflection problems at all. This renovation has improved picture quality due to the significant reduction in tinted stray light, not to mention making the room much more pleasant to look at.