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Anthem Statement D2

Potential Anthem D2 owners be aware that the original ARC will not work with a true full range system that does not use the subwoofer output. The signal for my woofers come from the main preamp outputs and this prevented me from using ARC. Unfortunately my situation was unique enough that Anthem Tech Support was not aware of this limitation in the ARC system. As a result we went round and round generating some very hard feelings before someone from the development team of ARC stepped in and announced that ARC is not designed to work this way. Note: It is my understanding that the 25Hz high pass filter has now been eliminated.

Power amplifiers:

(2) Emotiva UPA-7

Powering the main two way active line arrays. These were originally powered by two Anthem P2's but a later redesign of the speakers added Hann shading. The lines now require 5-ch's of amplification each. I will possibly change the design to a 3-way in the future, adding the same TB tweeters used in the center speaker. If so, the remaining 2 amplifier channels will be used for that.

(2) Anthem MCA 30

Powering the woofer columns. Each of the three channels power one module. (4 woofers)

The only complaint I have on the MCA series and also the PVA series amplifiers are the speaker binding post. Absolute junk! I've seen better on a Kenwood receiver. Otherwise they are fantastic amplifiers!

(1) Emotiva UPA-7

Powers the CBT center speaker.

(1) Usher Audio R-6.0

Powering the surround speakers.



This is I believe the first of the 1080p JVC home theatre projectors. Later versions include video scaling and higher lumen output.

Blu-ray Player

Pioneer BDP-05FD

I have an OPPO Bluray player with me in NY that will be installed in the theatre when I eventually move home.