Usher Audio, Hsinchu Taiwan

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I had the pleasure of visiting the local Usher Audio store here in Hsinchu today along with my friend Alan who was in the market for a new system. Usher Audio products never cease to amaze me for their value. Of course US prices are double compared to Taiwan but even so these are still a good value. Here in Taiwan you can have a very high end system for not much more than many of the popular mass-market brands in the US. Here, two or three thousand dollars will get you a very nice set of speakers. There really isn't anything available in the US in that price range that's worth listening to.

As you can see they really put a lot into their listening room. Lots of diffraction panels!

The photos were all taken with the new Samsung NX mini, a very compact camera with a 1" sensor. This places it between the typical compact point-&-shoot and the four thirds format. For its size, it does a very nice job and it's a lot lighter and easier to carry around than my Nikon D600. I just picked this up here in Taiwan, the release date in the US is 4/29/14.